BMS Corporation (BMSC) has been providing quality applications for the convergent communications industry for over a decade. BMSC translates advanced technology into a competitive advantage for business by combining technical expertise with industry experience to implement solutions that maximize the bottom line.

BMSC applications are based on client/server technologies that allow the most efficient use of enterprise resources. To solve client needs, BMSC delivers new and existing technologies from industry leaders such as Oracle, Microsoft, and Sun to create complete business solutions. From business process redesign to complete operational support automation, BMSC offers comprehensive services to meet growing needs.

BMSC has designed and developed a comprehensive suite of applications specifically for the convergent communications industry called TCSTM. TCS provides customer service representatives and management personnel the ability to manage service related events to improve overall customer satisfaction. This is accomplished in real time by providing a complete overview of service region, switch allocation, technician assignment, and work group status. Communication providers can use TCS customer care applications and fraud solutions to provide better service to its customers. Managing fault repair, provisioning, testing and technician scheduling, TCS provides a complete workforce management system.